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Top 5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results –


This week within the Rock Your Life Community I bought an awesome query from one among my members, MaryLou Rea.

No sooner had I answered her than I immediately bought an analogous query on the weblog, my fan web page, on my Instagram, and even my pal Barb was asking me this query! Whereas I had talked about this on dwell teaching calls earlier than, I hadn’t put it collectively in a single place for you as a reference till now.

For those who’ve been questioning one thing comparable, at this time I’ll take you thru the highest 5 the reason why you aren’t seeing the outcomes you’re after although you’re displaying up and doing the work:

1: Overtraining

Overtraining is a consider a number of persistent fatigue, it’s the rationale individuals get injured after they shouldn’t, AND it’s a offender in why you don’t see outcomes quicker.

When you’ll be able to give 100% to the exercise you’re doing, you’re going to get extra out of it. So it follows that you simply need to be ABLE to provide 100% by being absolutely recovered from the final one.

Throughout your exercise, you’re truly creating irritation within the muscle tissue and tearing it down. In a powerful, wholesome particular person (one who’s nicely rested, nicely nourished and harm free), that’s nice, as a result of that tissue grows again stronger than ever AFTER your exercise WHEN you REST.

Exercising an excessive amount of can create a state of persistent irritation within the physique, setting you up for fatigue, lack of weight reduction (your system is wired, which makes it maintain onto physique fats) and also you’re extra more likely to get injured on muscle tissue that hasn’t absolutely recovered.

For this reason you don’t need to overtrain, or train with excessive depth day-after-day.

Pay attention to the kind of exercises you’re doing each day, and aware of your power ranges. We’re all in other places, with various objectives – so let your health stage and the way in which your physique feels after you exercise be your information.

You’ll have to experiment to search out out your candy spot, however even if you do it could possibly change from week to week, both since you didn’t get an awesome night time’s relaxation, your month-to-month cycle, extra stress, or one among your exercises was simply extra taxing than regular and also you want extra restoration time.

I get the will to “transfer day-after-day” and that’s a very wholesome perspective. But it surely doesn’t additionally should imply “no days off” with regards to coaching. Transferring day-after-day can embrace your precise devoted exercises AND actions like walks, hikes or informal bike rides, shoveling snow, raking leaves, gardening, or different actions the place you’re transferring, however not for a “exercise.” I prefer to name these “active recovery days” (here’s 10 ideas for those days for you).

In most of my workout challenges, we give you 2 relaxation days, one that’s devoted to mobility or stretching, and one that’s utterly off. You possibly can use that as an lively restoration day and do one thing enjoyable, however for the most effective outcomes along with your coaching your physique wants the restoration time from the exercises.

As you get stronger, your physique will crave extra depth. Nevertheless that’s one thing you need to construct into the times you exercise, both by making your exercises longer in period, or utilizing extra resistance. Extra depth doesn’t imply extra exercise days – you’re nonetheless working at your physique’s capability (even when it’s elevated) and you continue to want restoration days so you’ll be able to hit your subsequent exercise with 100%.

2: Skipping Meals

One of many MOST vital components to seeing outcomes is fueling your physique typically, and getting in tune along with your starvation and fullness cues.

As girls, we do higher in a fed state vs a fasted state. Researcher, scientist, and well-known for her TED Talk “Women are Not Small Men,” Dr. Stacy Sims outlines this fantastically in a latest article about why Intermittent Fasting isn’t splendid for girls:

“You might hear about males getting cognitive focus and readability of thoughts when they’re in a fasted state, and it’s because we all know particularly that the parasympathetic response in males is one which may be very sturdy.

However in girls, it’s not a parasympathetic response. It’s a sympathetic response to not having sufficient energy. In a fasted state, girls are anxious, they have mind fog, they get slightly little bit of despair and an elevated coronary heart price, and it’s as a result of they’re in such a excessive sympathetic drive.

We additionally know that in girls, there’s no enchancment in blood glucose management, the place as in males there’s. We additionally know that the autophagy that’s so well-documented in intermittent fasting, may be very minimal in girls, however it has an enormous impact in males.

The largest factor about IF is it alerts a rise in visceral fats in girls. (the fats across the important organs, the protecting fats that’s actually exhausting to mobilize and will increase cardiovascular danger.)”

The opposite factor that may mess you up if you don’t eat is you’ll be extra more likely to play that psychological sport with your self like, I didn’t have lunch, so this piece of chocolate cake isn’t any massive deal. Nothing fallacious with treats, however if you’re in that cycle of “skip-reward” it’s not doing you any favors.

And skipping meals additionally units you up for cravings -because your  physique simply wants power, and reaching for the quickest supply of it, sugar, is a helpful option to get some. However that has penalties, as you understand.

Insulin helps your physique regulate blood sugar ranges by guiding your cells to just accept the glucose from the meals you simply ate. When your cells take up that gasoline, you get power. A skipped meal may cause blood sugar ranges to drop, which might throw off your insulin system and over time, create insulin resistance. As soon as your physique and mind have stopped “listening” to insulin’s alerts and cease absorbing glucose, you find yourself with extra glucose floating round in your bloodstream which your physique (in)conveniently packages up as fats.

Insulin acts like the important thing, opening up the cells to obtain glucose. That is important for each getting gasoline into cells to make power, and conserving blood sugar ranges regular.

Insulin resistance: Insulin’s job is to assist convey your blood sugar ranges again to equilibrium by opening up the cells to obtain glucose. People who find themselves insulin resistant produce insulin, however their cells have stopped responding to it.
The pancreas, which makes insulin, turns up the quantity, producing an increasing number of insulin in response to the elevated blood sugar, however the cells nonetheless don’t take it up and blood sugar continues to rise.
Extended elevated blood sugar can harm organs and nerves, and is related to weight problems, kind 2 diabetes, excessive ldl cholesterol and hypertension.

Insulin Sensitivity: Insulin sensitivity refers to how responsive your cells are to insulin – so how a lot insulin must be produced as a way to shuttle the quantity of glucose within the bloodstream.
You’re insulin delicate if a small quantity of insulin is required to deposit the glucose you’ve taken in.
Bettering insulin sensitivity can assist you scale back insulin resistance, and scale back the danger of many illnesses, and ensures your physique converts the power out of your meals in probably the most environment friendly method (together with supporting your muscle).

The extra insulin delicate you’re, the extra readily your vitamins might be partitioned to the muscle tissue to be saved as glycogen (moderately than fats storage).

You see, your physique likes to be in a state of fixed equilibrium-that’s what starvation is for: to remind you to eat so you’ll be able to keep a gradual power state. Skipping meals will make you are feeling drained, reduce your skill to focus, create cravings, and make you maintain onto your physique fats.

It’s completely advantageous in case you eat 5 occasions a day, 3 occasions a day or inside a time window. Simply you’ll want to eat ENOUGH meals each day so that you simply really feel glad and full, and guarantee its from nutrient dense sources so that you get the advantages and reap the rewards.

3: Not consuming sufficient nutrient-dense meals

Each time you eat, you’re creating the muse and tissue that make up the precise form and construction of your physique – and each time you train, you’re merely placing the ending touches on the attractive physique you’ve sculpted with what you place in your mouth.

How your muscle makes use of the meals you eat for power and development (excerpt from How Muscle Works)

The meals we eat within the type of carbohydrates, fats and protein are all potential gasoline sources for the physique’s power wants. They comply with completely different metabolic pathways that present us with quick power or saved power for later use, and our muscle cells entry them in numerous methods.

Oatmeal, an awesome supply of fiber-rich carbohydrates, offers loads of lasting power and helps preserve blood sugar secure.

Carbohydrates are damaged down into glucose, which can be utilized for quick power, or despatched to the liver and muscle tissue and saved as glycogen.  Your physique has a restrict to how a lot glycogen it could possibly retailer in each locations.

The liver has a set capability, and muscle tissue can retailer a set quantity that is dependent upon the quantity of muscle you have got. For those who absorb greater than you should utilize for power and greater than you’ll be able to retailer in your muscle tissue and liver, will probably be saved as physique fats.

Throughout train, there are a number of methods your muscle tissue get entry to gasoline:

  • Saved muscle glycogen is transformed again into glucose fueling muscle contraction.
  • The liver converts its saved glycogen again into glucose, stabilizing the blood sugar, and likewise making itself accessible for the muscle tissue to make use of for power.
  • Saved physique fats (in our adipose tissue) is damaged down into fatty acids which are transported by the blood to gasoline the muscle tissue – however this can be a slower course of in comparison with the way in which the physique makes use of carbohydrates (glycogen) for gasoline.

Fats helps gasoline your muscle tissue for low to average depth exercise (within the presence of oxygen availability), so the each day power you expend doing all of your common actions, and any train carried out at or under 65% of your cardio capability. Carbohydrates gasoline increased depth exercise, when your physique can’t course of sufficient oxygen to satisfy its wants (see 2 in part IV).

This tuna avocado salad is a scrumptious mixture of fats and protein.

In contrast to fats and carbohydrates our physique doesn’t have a “storage reserve” for protein. This is among the causes it’s a good suggestion to incorporate it in your entire meals all through the day. Protein is primarily used to construct, restore and keep physique tissue (in a course of known as protein synthesis) and make enzymes and hormones. It serves solely a tiny proportion of the physique’s power wants.

The protein you eat is vital in supporting muscle tissue restore and growth in a course of known as muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

Protein is the primary constructing block of muscle tissue. While you eat meals that comprise protein, they’re digested into their amino acids that are transported to physique tissues and constructed into tissue proteins. Protein synthesis is the method of constructing new proteins, which occurs in all of the physique’s organs.

Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is the method the place your physique builds particular muscle proteins from amino acids, and this contributes to muscle measurement.

Muscle protein synthesis will be elevated by together with protein with every principal meal, and by together with protein after you train – after the “tear down” has occurred. The amino acids from the protein you ingest might be shuttled to your muscle tissue, changing any misplaced throughout train.

I take advantage of an natural plant-based protein that comprises all of the important amino acids (that your physique can’t make by itself) like I ❤ Vanilla Protein!

The contractions your muscle tissue make lower muscle protein synthesis throughout a exercise, however it rebounds post-exercise particularly when protein or amino acids are added. Research present that between 20-40 grams is the most effective quantity to help this course of, and that consuming protein all through the day in your meals can also be a contributing issue.

The flexibility for dietary protein to impression muscle protein synthesis decreases with age. On my podcast, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon discussed that this response in older adults necessitates a necessity for elevated quantities of dietary protein.

This can be important in case you are over 40 and never being aware of your protein consumption. I like to recommend together with between 20-30grams with every principal meal, and supplementing with a protein shake post-workout on coaching days.

Like we have been speaking about above, your physique can retailer the glucose you don’t want for quick power in 3 locations, your liver glycogen, your muscle glycogen, and/or your fats cells.

“Nutrient partitioning” describes which of those 3 paths might be taken, and that has loads to do along with your present quantity of physique fats, muscle mass, and hormone ranges – notably insulin.

If you’re insulin resistant, fats storage is prioritized. You probably have good insulin sensitivity, muscle and liver storage is prioritized, and also you get the bonus good thing about it aiding your amino acids getting into the muscle tissue as nicely (muscle protein synthesis).

Enhance your insulin sensitivity by consuming entire meals, and getting common train.

Continuously consuming excessive sugar meals (or consuming in extra of what your physique can course of) triggers the insulin response time and again, resulting in insulin resistance. Doing the alternative of that, consuming low-glycemic (low sugar) meals – within the type of fiber wealthy entire meals carbohydrates is an effective way to enhance your insulin sensitivity.

A slower, steadier inflow of glucose (moderately than an enormous spike) offers insulin an opportunity to do its job on the proper tempo. Together with fiber helps us really feel extra full – which means we gained’t be as more likely to overeat. Dietary fats has an analogous impact, slowing down nutrient absorption and making us really feel extra full and glad so we’re not as more likely to overeat. Plus, fats may be very nutrient dense, giving us loads of power in a smaller bundle.

Cooking your personal meals so you understand precisely what’s going into your physique is a perfect option to help your muscle tissue. It’s far simpler to overeat if you’re consuming pre made meals from refined flour and sugar like breads, cereals, sweets and desserts – they don’t comprise as a lot fiber as their authentic substances did, and fixed reliance on them will simply carry on spiking your insulin, resulting in extra physique fats storage and insulin resistance.

Here are just a few of the healthy, whole food recipes found in the Body Fuel System, my signature eating plan.

Insulin additionally has the additional advantage of lowering muscle protein breakdown (MPB). Within the absence of insulin, or within the case of insulin resistance muscle catabolism (breakdown) happens.

Your mind wants a relentless, regular provide of glucose to operate optimally, and MPB permits the physique to achieve entry to amino acids that may be transformed into glucose when there aren’t sufficient accessible out of your different shops. Muscle protein breakdown may also happen once we don’t eat sufficient meals (or too few carbohydrates) and glycogen reserves are depleted. The physique wants gasoline, so skeletal muscle is damaged down and transformed to glucose.

Fats, protein and carbohydrates all present the vitamins your physique wants in your exercises, and consuming them all through the day from entire meals sources will offer you loads of gasoline for each each day actions and muscle development. Collectively these vitamins help wholesome muscle tissue earlier than, and after a exercise.

So many individuals are strolling round with nutrient deficiencies masquerading as CRAVINGS, that could possibly be resolved by consuming actual meals and rotating their greens (learn my 5-step food prep and recipes guide for a 3-day plan and recipes to strive.)

A good way to get began is to consider 2-3 breakfast options you want (for me it’s eggs, oatmeal and smoothies), your favourite entrees that would double as dinner or lunch – and I simply consider what proteins I need to base them on, then what carbs, and at last what fat would work nicely (so simple as olive oil or hemp seeds or avocado).

I fill that in with a pair snacks like handmade pumpkin protein muffins or a straightforward to make path combine, a pair staple sides I might need available each day like an enormous blended greens salad and a few rice, quinoa or pre-made straightforward to seize candy potato chunks – and make my checklist and choose my recipes round that.

For thus many causes, it’s important that you simply take your consuming simply as critically as you’re taking your exercises.

Whereas it’s straightforward to get centered on our exercises and tougher to get centered on vitamin, keep in mind that the way you eat is a lot extra vital to your exterior (and inner) outcomes. There isn’t any train plan on this planet that may out-train poor vitamin.

4: Not getting sufficient sleep

Not getting sufficient sleep is such a SNEAKY method that we will sabotage our outcomes. A typical day for lots of people is to rise up early, prioritize their exercise, skip breakfast, have a number of drinks after work, after which  after an extended day keep up late to cram in just a bit additional “me time.”

Sadly, this is sort of a excellent storm for metabolic meltdown, and one of the best ways to maintain padding your waistline.

We already talked about what occurs if you skip meals, however skipping sleep is horrible for our well being. It will probably additionally result in the event of insulin resistance, and kind 2 diabetes, weight problems, coronary heart illness and hypertension.

Getting lower than 6 hours of sleep an evening can result in weight acquire and elevated cravings for unhealthy meals. Lack of sleep can result in the event of many persistent illnesses. It additionally disrupts vital metabolic pathways which are concerned in your power steadiness and regulation which in flip results your outcomes.

Many vital hormones which are straight associated to you seeing your physique reply to your exercises and wholesome consuming are disrupted when sleep high quality and amount are insufficient. Getting sufficient sleep means that you can carry out higher, makes you happier, regulates your hormones, reduces stress ranges, improves focus, creativity, reminiscence and regulates and reduces irritation.

Plus, having sufficient relaxation offers you the power to get to a exercise on the finish of the day if that’s the solely time you’ll be able to go, get you up and at it first factor within the morning, and provide help to handle worrying issues that will come up all through the day.

Everyone seems to be completely different however I agree with the Nationwide Sleep Basis –  getting round 7-9 hours is perfect. Some issues that assist with falling asleep and staying asleep are ensuring your setting doesn’t expose you to mild as mild in your pores and skin alerts your physique that it’s time to get up.

You may as well use a sleep masks as wanted for a very good sound sleep. Start winding down from pc or cellphone use an hour or so earlier than you’re planning to sleep and remember that the sunshine from TV’s and digital gadgets disturbs your skill to relaxation.

Read more tips about getting good sleep – and why it matters – right here.

5: Not mitigating your stress

Stress raises your ranges of a hormone known as cortisol in your physique. Cortisol, in its regular capability has vital jobs like supporting your sleep-wake cycle, however because it pertains to this dialogue it additionally has the flexibility to lift blood glucose ranges when it’s elevated since you’re chronically pressured.

In occasions of stress our our bodies go into “flight or combat mode.” When this occurs your physique releases adrenaline and cortisol. Within the short-term, the adrenaline reduces your starvation ranges as your blood flows away from the interior organs to your bigger muscle tissue that can assist you defend your self. Nevertheless, as soon as the consequences of adrenaline put on off, we’re left with cortisol.

This cortisol tells your physique it’s time to replenish your meals provide however we’re additionally left with extra quantities on the similar time. The surplus ranges of cortisol slows down your metabolism to keep up an sufficient provide of glucose in your blood as a way to combat off any menace (stress).

As soon as the worrying occasion is over and our stress ranges fall,  our glucose ranges stay excessive and that glucose will get saved as fats. Most notably visceral fats and BELLY FAT.

So getting pressured about your anticipated outcomes and how briskly they’re going to occur may also trigger our stress hormones to rise, which in flip promotes storage of extra stomach fats, decreases our skill to get good relaxation and reduces high quality of life and life enjoyment.

Don’t stress your self out concerning the little issues. Bear in mind to breathe. Attempt to give others the advantage of the doubt and steer away from destructive ideas as a lot as attainable. Don’t get caught up in beating your self up – know that YOU are in command of your ideas, your actions and the route you resolve to go.

One factor that has helped me cope with every part from destructive ideas to reacting to challenges has been an everyday meditation and respiration observe. It’s a proactive option to educate your physique how to reply to stress and convey your self again into equilibrium quicker. This has quite a few well being advantages exterior of conserving you lean.

Read the Top 5 Ways to Beat Stress and Get More From Your Workouts if this is a topic of interest!

We discuss these matters (and extra) in Rock Your Life, my online home workout studio and women’s fitness community!

Come be part of us and allow us to help you in your journey of health and well being – with dwelling exercise challenges, exercise lessons, wholesome recipes, and our non-public help group!





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