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The Foods To Avoid Air Frying (for Safety and Flavor) –

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s greatest for my must not put money into a ton of kitchen home equipment. That’s largely as a result of I *love* the therapeutic energy of a transparent kitchen countertop… and most of my cumbersome tools finally ends up accumulating mud tucked away in drawers. (Out of sight, out of thoughts.)

Nevertheless, IMHO, air fryers are worth their weight in gold. They seemingly do all of it, from convection cooking and reheating meals to producing a satisfying crunchiness that I can’t wait to chew into. Additional benefits of air frying “embody decreased oil content material and quicker cooking instances in comparison with deep frying, making it a more healthy possibility for many dishes,” provides Corrie Duffy, knowledgeable chef and meals blogger at Corrie Cooks.

But because the ‘80s ballad warned us, each rose has its thorn. There are some dishes which are greatest left to different cooking strategies—take a look at the what and why on meals to keep away from air frying under.

4 meals to keep away from air frying

1. Battered meals

You may suppose that every one normal fried fare could be match to throw into an air fryer, however Duffy says that’s not all the time the case. “Positively keep away from placing something moist or batter-covered straight into the air fryer with out some prep. This might trigger splattering or smoking,” he warns. Furthermore, the cooked batch is unlikely to rival deep frying and pan frying. “Meals like tempura or closely battered objects can turn into too dry and lose their signature crunch in an air fryer,” Duffy provides.

2. Popcorn

Simply as moist, battered meals have the potential to trigger a security hazard when air fried, so can popcorn. “The recent air circulation can blow the kernels throughout, making it messy and probably inflicting a hearth hazard,” Duffy warns.

3. Cheese

In response to Duffy, melting cheese in an air fryer may end up in uneven cooking (and probably a giant gloppy mess). “Use a microwave or oven for even, gooey outcomes on dishes like nachos,” he suggests.

4. Uncooked meat

“Meals that require a protracted cooking time—resembling a complete rooster or massive cuts of steak—are higher suited to conventional roasting, grilling, or sluggish cooking strategies,” Duffy explains. In case you go for air frying, you run the danger of uneven cooking and dryness.

That mentioned, reheating sure varieties of meat in an air fryer will get the inexperienced gentle. “It’s not solely completely doable, however really excels relating to smaller cuts like sausage slices, meatballs, fish sticks, and popcorn rooster,” he continues. “These little bites warmth by means of tremendous shortly, usually permitting you to skip the preheating step altogether.” Heat, crispy meals that make it into my stomach in file time? Sure, chef!

“Meals that require a protracted cooking time—resembling a complete rooster or massive cuts of steak—are higher suited to conventional roasting, grilling, or sluggish cooking strategies.” —Corrie Duffy, chef and creator of Corrie Cooks

Meals you *may* wish to keep away from air frying, relying in your objectives

Leafy greens

I’m an enormous lover of kale in any form. From inexperienced juices and smoothies to salads and sides, it’s all the time a staple in my dietary lineup. Whereas Duffy notes that it’s potential to make an ideal batch of kale chips within the air fryer, different variations of my leafy inexperienced of selection get a no-go from the chef. “Delicate greens like spinach and kale can turn into too brittle in an air fryer, resulting in a much less interesting texture,” he explains.


“Contemporary fruits like apples or pears could dehydrate excessively in an air fryer,” says Duffy. Until your objective is to make your personal air fryer dried fruit (which, BTW may help scale back meals waste and prevent some cash), he recommends baking or grilling fruits to yield a caramelized texture.

The takeaway

All issues thought-about, air fryers are fairly genius—however they’ll’t do every part. “Whereas air frying is flexible and handy, understanding its limitations and the best-suited meals for this technique is essential,” Duffy explains. “Experimentation is vital to discovering the right steadiness of style and texture in your air-fried creations.”

When cooking meals which are air fryer-friendly, Duffy reminds us to:

  • Preheat the equipment
  • Keep away from overcrowding the basket
  • Shake or flip the meals midway by means of to make sure even crisping (and optimum yumminess)
  • Get pleasure from!

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