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The Benefits of Boswellia Indian Frankincense: Gaia Herbs® –

Boswellia, also referred to as Indian Frankincense, Frankincense, Shallaki, or Boswellia serrata, is a tree gum resin extract harvested from Boswellia bushes grown in India, North Africa, and the Center East.

Though it’s best identified for its point out within the Bible and different spiritual texts, Boswellia/Indian Frankincense can be utilized in numerous dietary supplements, important oils, and skincare merchandise.

Ayurvedic and integrative practitioners tout its advantages for supporting regular inflammatory response, immune operate, and pores and skin well being…however does it work, and is it protected to attempt?

On this article, you’ll be taught its fascinating historical past and conventional makes use of, what analysis has uncovered about the way it works, its advantages, unwanted effects, and contraindications.

The Colourful Historical past and Conventional Makes use of of Boswellia/Indian Frankincense

Of all the normal herbs, the historical past of Boswellia/Indian Frankincense is likely one of the most fascinating.

Boswellia has been utilized in conventional Indian (Ayurveda), Asian, and Center Jap wellness techniques for hundreds of years, the place it’s revered for its health-supportive properties.*

As beforehand talked about, it comes from the gummy resin of the Boswellia tree, a desert shrub that grows all through North Africa, India, and the Center East.

So prized was this gummy resin that its use was reserved for royalty, spiritual practices, and whilst a pure preservative to embalm the our bodies of departed pharaohs. 

Boswellia bushes had been additionally dwelling to a number of types of toxic snakes, which required drugs folks and shamans to threat their lives to reap the valuable resin for his or her prestigious clientele.

At this time, a number of types of Boswellia bushes are endangered, so it’s vital to contemplate sourcing when buying Boswellia Indian Frankincense dietary supplements and important oil.

Conventional Makes use of of Boswellia Indian Frankincense

Boswellia/Indian Frankincense has been utilized in conventional Ayurveda, Asian, and Center Jap wellness techniques to help numerous elements of well-being.

The next are examples of Boswellia/Indian Frankincense’s conventional makes use of: REF#3238

  • Cardiovascular help
  • Immune operate
  • As a pure magnificence support
  • Menstrual help
  • Hair loss
  • Digestive help
  • Oral well being help
  • Liver help
  • Muscle and joint help
  • Respiratory help
  • Minor ache administration

Boswellia/Indian Frankincense’s wealthy historical past of conventional use and anecdotal proof have made it the topic of a number of analysis research.

Subsequent, we’ll discover what scientists have discovered about how Boswellia/Indian Frankincense works and 6 potential advantages.

6 Boswellia/Indian Frankincense Advantages

Scientific evaluation of Boswellia/Indian Frankincense has revealed a number of lively compounds believed to be chargeable for its advantages.

These embrace:

  • Boswellic acids (pentacyclic triterpenic acids)
  • Monoterpenes (α-thujene)
  • Diterpenes 
  • Triterpenes (reminiscent of α- and β-amyrins)
  • Tetracyclic triterpenic acids

Of those, boswellic acids seem like the first mechanism by which Boswellia could help well being.

Though a number of research have been carried out on Boswellia/Indian Frankincense, we nonetheless don’t know a lot about its potential advantages.

The next are six potential advantages of Boswellia/Indian Frankincense primarily based on conventional use, anecdotal proof, and trendy analysis.

#1: Boswellia/Indian Frankincense Could Assist with Minor Ache Administration

Boswellia/Indian Frankincense has lengthy been utilized in Ayurveda, for instance, to help numerous elements of regular inflammatory response, together with minor ache administration.*

For this reason you’ll usually discover it in dietary supplements focusing on joint or muscular well being, minor ache administration, and/or menstrual cramps.

Preliminary analysis suggests a possible profit and mechanism behind Boswellia’s repute as an inflammatory-support complement.

Human and animal research REF#3239 REF#3240 REF#3241 REF#3242 REF#3243 recommend Boswellia serrata extract could assist with minor ache administration by way of its results on selling regular inflammatory response by way of supporting the conventional operate of pro-inflammatory enzymes and ache signaling operate.

There’s additionally proof Boswellia’s advantages could also be enhanced by the addition of Curcumin (the lively compound in Turmeric).REF#3244

Extra analysis is required. Nevertheless, preliminary research, conventional knowledge, and anecdotal proof recommend Boswellia/Indian Frankincense could also be price attempting for minor ache administration.

#2: Boswellia/Indian Frankincense Could Assist Coronary heart & Cardiovascular Perform

Boswellia/Indian Frankincense is usually beneficial in conventional wellness techniques for cardiovascular help.*

Rising analysis suggests this can be true. 

Research have proven the antioxidants in Boswellia could promote numerous elements of cardiovascular and metabolic operate, together with: REF#3245

  • Regular blood stress
  • Regular ldl cholesterol
  • Regular inflammatory response
  • Regular blood stream
  • Regular sugar metabolism

Extra analysis is required to find out the effectiveness, mechanisms, and optimum dose of Boswellia for cardiovascular help.

#3: Boswellia/Indian Frankincense could Assist Regular Immune Regulation and Perform

Boswellia/Indian Frankincense resin and important oil had been prized by the ancients for a lot of causes, one being its purported potential to maintain folks wholesome.

Fashionable analysis has proven Boswellia could present broad-spectrum immune help by way of its potential to help: REF#3246 REF#3247 REF#3248 REF#3249

  • Regular immune regulation
  • Regular inflammatory response, which includes numerous immune cells
  • Regular respiratory operate

Extra analysis is required. 

Nevertheless, Boswellia/Indian Frankincense’s wealthy historical past of use as an immune help tonic, coupled with rising analysis, makes a compelling case for together with Boswellia dietary supplements and/or important oils in your seasonal well being arsenal.

#4: Boswellia/Indian Frankincense Could Assist with Pimples and Wrinkles

Boswellia, or extra particularly, Frankincense important oil, is likely one of the world’s most historical magnificence secrets and techniques for clear and youthful pores and skin.

It’s additionally fashionable in trendy pure skincare merchandise focusing on zits, scarring, and wrinkles.

The analysis on how Frankincense important oil could profit the pores and skin is in its infancy.

Nevertheless, a small double-blind, placebo-controlled trial confirmed it was efficient when used topically on photoaged pores and skin for lowering tactile roughness and positive traces, growing elasticity, and lowering sebum excretion.

One other research confirmed it lowered pores and skin irritation and redness whereas selling a extra even pores and skin tone.REF#3250

As you’ve discovered, Frankincense important oil is wealthy in a number of lively plant compounds, together with boswellic acids and numerous antioxidants, which can be seemingly chargeable for its skin-nourishing and inflammation-balancing advantages.

Frankincense important oil may be added to DIY skincare merchandise, added to a carrier oil for gua sha treatments, or present in numerous high-quality, non-toxic skincare merchandise.

#5: Boswellia/Indian Frankincense Could Provide Liver Safety

The liver is likely one of the physique’s most important and hard-working organs.

Along with defending us from numerous toxins and poisons, it’s additionally chargeable for a myriad of features, from conjugating hormones and filtering blood to producing digestive enzymes and serving to regulate ldl cholesterol.

Conventional herbalists perceive the significance of optimum liver operate and have particular herbs to assist, reminiscent of Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, and others.*

In Ayurveda and different Jap techniques of herbalism, Boswellia has been used to advertise liver operate and as a protecting support.

Rising analysis suggests this conventional use could also be productive, displaying the antioxidants in Boswellia could have a protecting impact on the liver by way of its influence on regular nitrous oxide manufacturing, hepatic lipid peroxidation, and glutathione ranges.REF#3251 REF#3252 REF#3253

Though extra analysis is required, you could discover Boswellia/Indian Frankincense in numerous dietary supplements focusing on liver help.

#6: Boswellia/Indian Frankincense Could Assist with Menstrual Cramps

If you happen to expertise menstrual cramps, you understand how disruptive and painful they are often.

Sadly, most ladies and menstruating folks do not know there are pure options to assist take the sting off.

For instance, a double-blind placebo-controlled research of a Turmeric-Boswellia-Sesame system suggests it was a protected and naturally efficient various for relieving menstrual cramps.REF#3254

That is per its conventional use for supporting girls throughout their menstrual cycle.

Are you new to the concept of utilizing herbs for menstrual cramps? Their results may be highly effective. Be taught extra in: 18+ Natural Solutions & Herbs for Menstrual Cramps, PMS, Cravings, & More.

Aspect Results & Attainable Contraindications of Boswellia/Indian Frankincense

Boswellia/Indian Frankincense and Frankincense important oils have been used for hundreds of years and are thought of very protected.

The gum resin of Boswellia can be included within the record of protected substances, and its use is permitted by the US Meals and Drug Administration (USFDA) as a meals additive.REF#3255

The commonest unwanted effects documented in research embrace delicate gastrointestinal upset, however it was unclear if this was brought on by Boswellia or the topic’s pre-existing situation.REF#3256

Some literature from India suggests Boswellia just isn’t acceptable throughout being pregnant because of a attainable elevated threat of miscarriage. Plus, Boswellia has not been studied in being pregnant or nursing moms. Subsequently, its use just isn’t beneficial.

Like all important oils, Frankincense important oil ought to be used sparingly and with widespread sense, as making use of it undiluted to the pores and skin or taking it internally might trigger irritation.

Boswellia has no identified extreme interactions with different medication.

Discuss to your physician or healthcare practitioner earlier than taking Boswellia/Indian Frankincense dietary supplements or important oil.

The place to Purchase Boswellia/Indian Frankincense 

You will discover Boswellia/Indian Frankincense dietary supplements at pure meals shops, on-line, or by way of your integrative healthcare practitioner.

Since Boswellia is topic to unethical harvesting, at all times buy from an organization that’s clear about sourcing and sustainable rising practices.

The identical goes when sourcing Frankincense important oil, which ought to be 100% pure, steam-distilled, and sustainably sourced.

Easy methods to Take Boswellia/Indian Frankincense

Boswellia/Indian Frankincense is often taken as a powdered complement or an important oil.

Some specialists suggest taking Frankincense important oil internally. Purity and correct dosing are crucial for those who select to do this technique.

Your healthcare practitioner can suggest Boswellia’s finest dosage and type primarily based in your wants and well being targets.

As with all herbs and pure substances, it might take a while to note the consequences of Boswellia. So don’t be discouraged for those who don’t instantly expertise the outcomes you need. 

The exception could also be for those who attempt Boswellia and/or Boswellia with Turmeric or Curcumin for minor ache administration. These outcomes can occur rapidly and/or grow to be extra noticeable over time.

When utilizing Frankincense important oil for skincare, at all times begin with much less versus extra and see how your pores and skin reacts. You’ll be able to at all times enhance the quantity over time.

With just a bit time, sound sourcing, and persistence, you, too, can expertise the various advantages of this extra revered and sacred historical resin.

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