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White Sage Smudge Sticks Bundles Gift Set – California Sage – Smudging & Cleansing Wands (3 Pack)

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Product Description

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At JL Local, we’re passionate about a lot of things: the environment, sustainability, self care, caring for others, providing an outstanding service, helping others, giving and the list goes on and on. Our company was born out of the pursuit of happiness and supporting our dear loved ones; everyday we work hard towards all of these goals and making a positive impact on the world.

As a small business, your purchase not only helps our families stay afloat, but it also supports the hundreds of families of hardworking people who prepare these sacred items + the charities and conservation organizations that we donate to. We are truly, truly grateful to have you.

We believe that the ancient tradition of smudging should be respected and passed on with the knowledge and understanding of how these sacred items work and how beneficial they can be. Please read on to learn why JL Local is the best shop for all things Sage!

jl local smudge kit sage abalone shell smudge sticks bundles white sagejl local smudge kit sage abalone shell smudge sticks bundles white sage

Sacred White Sage Smudge Sticks

Transform your home into a haven of positivity, or cleanse your space before an intense yoga or meditation session. Whatever spiritual fulfillment you’re searching for, we have just the right smudge kit for you!

jl local white sage smudge sticks smudging kit smudge kit sagejl local white sage smudge sticks smudging kit smudge kit sage

What’s Included?

Your Sage Gift Set includes:

3 White Sage bundlesEach 4 Inches Long
Detailed Instructions for Use & Dedicated Support InformationBlessings Included!

white sage smudge sticks abalone shell bundleswhite sage smudge sticks abalone shell bundles

jl local organic california smudge sticks white sage bundlesjl local organic california smudge sticks white sage bundles

Your Sages are all grown sustainably & carefully collected from it’s original habitat, which resides on private land in the mountainous regions around California.

JL Local is passionate about leaving a miniscule environmental footprint and supporting conservation organizations that help protect the environment.

Collecting Sage from the wild on public land or without permission can be damaging to the plant and surrounding ecosystem, we are proud not to support that type of practice.

Benefits of JL Local White Sage

Whether it’s purging a room of bad energy and clearing the way for a positive path, helping silence negative inner thoughts, inspiring self-growth or attracting success and wealth…

For a gift that’s sure to be cherished, bestow a friend or family member with these age-old tools and all the spiritual & emotional benefits that come along with them!

Sage is a perineal herb that is traditionally used for smudging to remove negative energy and ward off bad luck.

Some say that burning white sage unburdens one from negative energy, improves overall mood and cognitive function. It’s certainly our favorite!

abalone shell white sage smudge sticks smudge kit bundlesabalone shell white sage smudge sticks smudge kit bundles

Pro Tips for Smudging!

Here are some tips & tricks that will make you a Smudging Pro!

If your sage bundle is tightly wrapped: Untie it a little bit and pull it apart for much easier burning.
If you sage bundle is a little loosely wrapped: Do not untie or pull apart the bundle – it should burn just fine after it has a good ember.
If you only want to burn a little bit at a time, break off a few chunks and burn them inside your Abalone shell or smudge bowl.
Be careful & use caution – Always open a window (at least a little bit) to make sure smoke doesn’t build up to much.
Never run water on to your sage, unless it is an emergency (please use caution). To put out your Sage, you can rub the embers out in your shell/bowl or simply let the embers burn out on their own within a couple of minutes. Make sure there is no moving air in the area, otherwise it will will keep the embers going.

💜 🌿 All of Your Sage is Sustainably Grown on Private Land and Very Carefully Collected to Preserve These Sacred Plants
🌟 Hand Crafted Sage Smudging Kits by our Caring & Loving Team – JL Local
🎁 A great gift for anyone! Traditionally used for smudging & cleansing negative energy, we all could use some of that!
✨ Get rid of lingering energy, neutralize a space for meditation or tarot session, or dispel bad vibes in your home
🌿📚 Detailed Instructions & Blessings: You’ll learn the best way to achieve powerful & inspiring results
💜 Awesome Customer Service: Find our dedicated email on every package & contact us for anything and everything
✨ Energy Balancing Power: Everything you need to wash away negative energy & replace it with positive energy that radiates throughout your entire space

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White Sage Smudge Sticks Bundles Gift Set – California Sage – Smudging & Cleansing Wands (3 Pack)


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