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ORIVeDA Cordyceps C+ (120 v-Capsules – Covers 2 Months)

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Oriveda Cordyceps C+ is not only the therapeutically most potent Cordyceps extract commercially available but also the only fully certified extract worldwide (ISO 9001:2008; cGMP and HACCP). Safety and therapeutic potential are therefore guaranteed.

It has been extracted using both hot water and alcohol, resulting in a premium full spectrum product with 100% bioavailability of the main bio-actives, while maintaining their original synergy..

The CS-4 mycelium strain of Cordyceps sinensis is the most researched form (over 98% of all research) and was found to be the most potent and effective strain (therapeutically speaking), even out-classing wild Cordyceps in terms of the presence of nucleosides such as adenosine.

This mycelium extract has been combined with a premium quality Cordyceps militaris fruiting body extract, thus improving the revitalising properties even more.

We can guarantee the percentage of bioactive beta-glucans (over 9%), cordycepin (over 1% (!)); cordycepic acid (over 17%), adenosine (over 0.3%) and uridine (over 0.3%). See the supplement facts label picture.

None of the other Cordyceps extracts on the market specifies and guarantees all of these therapeutically bioactive constituents.

Scientific research uses in general specialised, highly concentrated premium extracts to investigate the effects of medicinal mushrooms. ORIVeDA extracts are comparable in both composition and quality, so the research results you might have read about you can also expect from ORIVeDA’s extracts.

Recommended dosage 2 caps p/day.

Free from side effects. Capsules are 100% cellulose, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Each capsule contains 450 mg Cordyceps extract. 120 capsules will cover two months.

Beneficial in case of respiratory problems; supports and protects the kidney and liver functions
Traditionally used to stimulate the libido of both men and women; revitalising thanks to a high level of cordycepin (the quality marker for Cordyceps !!)
Over 1.3% cordycepin, 0.5 % adenosine, 15% cordycepic acid, 0.4% uridine, 16 % beta-glucan, 1.1 % polyphenols
Cordycepin is THE quality marker for all Cordyceps – this extract is the only one available that specifies Cordycepin (!)

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ORIVeDA Cordyceps C+ (120 v-Capsules – Covers 2 Months)


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