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Dry Aroma Diffuser (USB Power Cord with 120v Adapter)

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Product Description

dry essential oil diffuserdry essential oil diffuser

Dry Aroma Diffuser for an Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience

Compact in size (measures approximately 4 and 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches tall), the Dry Aroma Diffuser packs a lot of aromatherapy power!

If you want to saturate your space quickly with the scent, and the valuable components of organic essential oils, the Dry Aroma Diffuser gets the job done. The Dry Aroma Diffuser is a waterless diffuser that diffuses the essential oils in their pure form.

With its neutral and attractive blond-colored solid wood base and glass reservoir and nozzle, you can enjoy an ultimate aromatherapy experience in any room or location of your choosing

Dr. Mercola essential oilsDr. Mercola essential oils

Easy to Operate and Waterless – Dry Aroma Diffuser

A single silver control knob switches the unit on and off, and allows you to control its speed of operation.

To use, simply lift the glass nozzle and add 10 to 15 drops of one or your desired combination of essential oils to the reservoir. I recommend using my 100 percent organic essential oils for optimal benefits.

The Dry Aroma Diffuser requires no water to operate. Within seconds, it begins drawing the essential oil(s) up through the internal spray nozzle and then sprays it against the wall of the reservoir, creating droplets. The droplets then disperse through the glass nozzle’s small opening, diffusing powerfully into your space.

Operating at a soft purr, the Diffuser runs continuously for 5 minutes and then rests silently for 3 minutes until you turn the control knob to the off position. This intermittent operation conserves your oils and allows your olfactory system to fully benefit from the oil’s components. You don’t need to monitor it yourself!

I recommend switching your unit off after a maximum of 3 hours use, as you will have now received the essential oils’ maximum potential benefits.

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Dry Aroma Diffuser (USB Power Cord with 120v Adapter)


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