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If you’re like me and like your drinks à la Andre 3000 (that’s, cooler than being cool: ice chilly), I’ve an necessary query to ask: When’s the final time you completely cleaned out your ice dice trays?

Once more, in case you’re like me, you would possibly assume {that a} fast rinse earlier than refilling and freezing will suffice. However in response to Trevor Craig, a meals security skilled and the company director of technical coaching and consulting at Microbac Laboratories, neglecting a normal scrub in between makes use of will be dangerous.

Why it’s essential to clean your ice dice tray after every use

You’re (hopefully) already used to washing your dishes, cups, utensils, and the like instantly after utilizing them. Based on Craig, we must always apply the identical hygienic requirements to our ice dice trays. “Usually, they need to be cleaned such as you would every other kitchen merchandise: with sizzling soapy water, then rinsed nicely,” he explains.

Whereas Craig notes that the chance for contamination is comparatively low, the chance continues to be current. “It’s a good suggestion to clean them since you simply don’t know what may have occurred or if they’ve been contaminated,” he continues. “Why threat it if it’s fairly straightforward to wash them earlier than refilling them?”

Ice dice trays is probably not inherently extra more likely to breed micro organism than different kitchen instruments. Nevertheless, since many people (I’m certain it’s not simply me… proper?) most likely don’t wash them usually, the chance can escalate since they’re merely not so recent and so clear. (Off matter: I hope at the least just a few readers will recognize the conveniently applicable Outkast references to date.) In any case, Craig reminds us that freezing isn’t actually a kill step. “It might kill some micro organism by lysis because of increasing water, however many micro organism survive chilly storage and might proceed to develop, though slowly,” he shares.

Craig mentions it is a key cause why frozen meals like ice cream are sometimes related to salmonella, listeria, and mono recollects. “The freezing course of doesn’t kill the micro organism,” he reiterates. “As quickly because it will get again into circumstances that help development, that micro organism can come again and trigger sickness.” Micro organism apart, analysis exhibits that ice cubes even have the potential to harbor opportunistic pathogens—together with yeast and mildew—that stay viable as you sip in your chilled bev of selection.

“[Freezing perishable items] could kill some micro organism by lysis because of increasing water, however many micro organism survive chilly storage and might proceed to develop, though slowly.”

Furthermore, filling your ice dice trays with one thing past H2O—like coffee to prevent watery cold brew, or fruit and herbs combined into water to make fancy ice—heightens the probabilities of breeding micro organism. “Including something to water is more likely to enhance the chance of micro organism being launched, and vitamins into that blend to help the expansion of micro organism,” Craig cautions. Once more the chance is low however nonetheless there. “Hold that in thoughts with something you add or make a liquid out of,” he continues. “It is going to have all of the micro organism dangers as earlier than however most likely simply slowed.” This contains the likes of frozen broths and soups, particularly in the event that they have been refrigerated or left to sit down at room temperature for just a few days, as a substitute of freezing them instantly.

3 security ideas for ice dice storage

To make sure that your ice cubes are as protected as doable for consumption, heed Craig’s parting ideas.

1. Wash them (and your fingers) earlier than refilling

Keep in mind: Give ice dice trays a superb scrub with sizzling soapy water, rinse them nicely, and allow them to dry fully placing them again to make use of. When you’re at it, fill your trays solely after washing your fingers to keep away from potential contamination from the inevitable shaky switch to the freezer.

2. Retailer your ice dice trays on the highest shelf of your freezer

In case you retailer your trays wherever you could find room in your freezer, Craig advises making a devoted area for them increased up. “A great rule that I exploit in my freezer is to place my ice dice trays close to the highest so they’re much less more likely to be contaminated by something that would drip,” he shares. “There’s plenty of meals that you simply purchase from the grocery retailer that’s naturally going to be contaminated with harmful micro organism that may go into your freezer. Meat is an effective instance and doubtlessly may drip into different meals or trays and contaminate them.” Arduous move, TYVM.

On this level, it’s additionally a good suggestion to depart sufficient buffer room between your ice dice trays and every other objects to restrict contact and thus potential contamination.

3. Clear out your ice storage container

In case your freezer has a built-in ice maker, the identical requirements for cleansing apply. “As for the [containers] which are auto-filled and dumped by the fridge themselves, they need to be in a special part of your fridge and are much less more likely to be uncovered,” Craig notes. At any fee, “They often will be eliminated and cleaned.”

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