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8 Benefits of This High-C Tropical Superfruit –


A wooden bowl on its side with bright red Acerola cherries pouring over a wooden tabletop.

A “cherry on high” is all the time factor — that well-known saying means one thing nice is now even higher. That’s actually the case in case you’re speaking about an acerola cherry. “I’ve been utilizing acerola for a few years, each in uncooked and supplemental type. Acerola may very well be probably the most underrated tropical fruit on the market,” says Lina V., a physician from Sofia, Bulgaria. “It’s a superfruit with a excessive focus of vitamin C.”

This tart-flavored cherry grows within the tropics however has change into a well-liked complement of late, whether or not in powder type or in liquid extracts. In addition to vitamin C, acerola comprises a cornucopia of beneficial phytochemicals, together with anthocyanins, phenolic acids, and flavonoids. Consuming acerola can profit your immune system, skin health, mind well being, digestion, and extra.

What Is Acerola Cherry?

That is no unusual cherry. It’s not solely uncommon (they don’t develop exterior of a tropical local weather), however they’re a superfruit. Acerola (Malpighia emarginata — and previously M. glabra) can also be referred to as the Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry. These small bushes develop native in Central America, northern South America, Mexico, the West Indies, and the Caribbean. In occasions previous, sailors ate them for scurvy, attributable to vitamin C deficiency.

Puerto Rico native Melissa N., a registered dietitian in San Juan, has an acerola cherry tree in her yard that she’s eaten from all her life. “They’re scrumptious, candy, tart, juicy,” she says. Puerto Rican researchers had been the primary to find the excessive vitamin C content material of acerolas in 1946.[1] “Proper now, there’s nice curiosity on this fruit as a practical meals, holding promising agro-industrial and pharmaceutical functions.” Purposeful meals have worth past primary diet; they confer particular well being advantages.

Although unrelated, acerola fruits resemble conventional cherries within the genus Prunus. Acerola cherries are additionally a deep purple shade when ripe. Acerolas are one of many highest pure sources of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in nature.[2]

Acerola Cherry Nutrient Profile

Why is acerola so beloved? It has a nutrient profile second to none! Under are particulars of the highest vitamins it comprises, all of which make it a practical meals.

Tremendous-Excessive Vitamin C!

The acerola fruit comprises an exorbitant quantity of ascorbic acid — within the vary of 1500 to 4500 milligrams per 100 grams (about 3.4 ounces). That’s round 50 to 100 occasions than that of an orange or lemon![2]

Nutritional vitamins & Minerals

You’ll additionally get vitamin A, thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), folate (B9), and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, and selenium.[3] That’s fairly a nutrient profile!


Although not as highly effective within the acerola because the anthocyanins and phenolic acids, a few of the flavonoids like rutin do present unbelievable advantages, notably in terms of reining in cell-damaging free radicals.[2]


Anthocyanins are a sort of flavonoid however deserve point out on their very own. They offer acerolas their deep purple shade and are referred to as potent antioxidants. As an added bonus, the anthocyanins in acerola deter dangerous organisms.[2]

Phenolic Acids

Phenolic acids additionally present a terrific supply of antioxidants, that are essential to good well being. Antioxidants can shield your cells in opposition to free radicals, which play a task in illnesses and getting older.[2]

8 Advantages of This Tropical Superfruit

There’s good purpose your mom gave you orange juice while you had the flu or a cold. Vitamin C is significant for good well being. With one of many highest quantities of vitamin C for any fruit, you may’t go flawed with acerola! Listed below are the highest 8 advantages from acerola.

1. Strengthens the Immune System

Acerola cherries are chock filled with potent phytonutrients, which assist your physique keep at bay the oxidative stress that may result in disease and aging.[2, 4] Your immune system depends on vitamin C to provide and mobilize white blood cells. Guarantee you may have sufficient vitamin C consumption for a robust immune system!

2. Boasts Glorious Antioxidant Energy

It may’t be overstated how essential antioxidants are to sustaining your well being. Vitamin C itself is a potent antioxidant, as most of us know. Antioxidants maintain your physique working at full capability. It’s nice to take acerola while you really feel the sniffles approaching or simply as a daily immune booster.[2]

3. Helps Collagen Manufacturing

Collagen makes up the connective tissue in pores and skin, cartilage, tendons, and blood vessels. Having sufficient collagen not solely makes for wholesome pores and skin and joints nevertheless it additionally helps keep your blood pressure in check by maintaining your arteries and veins wholesome. Since vitamin C stimulates collagen manufacturing, with its super-high-C, acerola might assist.[2]

4. Enhances Your Power Ranges

Vitamin C helps the physique make L-carnitine, an amino acid that the mitochondria in your cells use to create energy.[5] So the extra C, the extra power — up to a degree (vitamin C is water-soluble and the surplus will get excreted). Consultants have proven that acerola juice might improve power metabolism within the mind, which may even promote a normal weight.[6]

“I’ve really helpful it to a lot of my purchasers, and all of us agree that it helps along with your power ranges and strengthens your immune system,” says private coach and nutritionist Jamie H., of Philadelphia, who not too long ago began utilizing acerola cherry powder.

5. Retains Your Physique Youthful

Many imagine acerola promotes longevity and has anti-aging properties by its sturdy antioxidant and energy-giving energy.[2] With all that further power, you’ll have fewer excuses to not work out. Extra time within the gymnasium, on the tennis courts or on the paths for certain works in your favor in maintaining one step forward of Father Time.

6. Improves Mind Well being

Acerola cherry might protect the brain, particularly the hippocampus, from oxidative stress attributable to poor eating regimen and weight problems.[6] The easiest way to forestall weight problems is thru a healthy plant-based diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits, together with acerola cherry. Each ripe and unripe cherries include antioxidant compounds that help the brain.[6]

7. Aids Digestion

Consultants say that acerola may even improve metabolic operate and digestion. Particularly, it promotes a standard response to irritation within the intestine.[7] Acerola cherry has lengthy been utilized in conventional methods of medication for diarrhea, abdomen pains, and liver dysfunction.

8. Promotes Radiant Pores and skin

Acerola not solely does a physique good, nevertheless it’s your good friend within the magnificence division, too. Its antioxidants are nice for selling healthy-looking, radiant skin. Acerola might play a task in smoothing out complexions linked to ultraviolet-B radiation from the solar.[5]

Some individuals additionally use acerola for shiny, strong hair. Attempt combining acerola extract with moisturizers like almond or coconut oil to strengthen your locks.

Greatest Methods to Take Acerola Cherry

“The acerola just isn’t like different cherries,” says Chris N., founding father of a sleep recommendation firm from San Jose, California. He sought out acerola cherries for his or her super-C increase. “These is usually a bit bitter. The redder they’re, the much less bitter they’re.” Under are the principle methods one can find this superfood.

Contemporary Fruit, Juice &Merchandise

“My favourite solution to eat acerola cherries is contemporary off the tree,” says Melissa N. “I’ve additionally made them into juice by crushing the fruit and straining it.” Whereas contemporary is all the time greatest, except you reside in Puerto Rico or one other locale the place acerola cherry bushes develop, you might not discover them.

You should buy processed acerola merchandise, like frozen fruit, marmalade, and frozen focus. In the event you discover them frozen, ensure you get the precise species (they don’t seem to be the identical as “tart cherries.”) Eiter approach, they are often made into jams, juices, and smoothies.

Acerola Powder

Powdered acerola cherry powder is turning into a well-liked solution to take this superfruit. It may be added to smoothies or used for a DIY juice.

“You possibly can simply combine acerola powder right into a protein shake or smoothie or simply combine it right into a cup of water or juice,” says Jamie H, of Philadelphia, “No matter works greatest for you.”


For comfort, you may also like capsules. Break them open and blend in water, fruit, or vegetable juice. Some individuals prefer to take the powder and add it to capsules. All the time search for natural and plant-based capsules for your supplements.

Liquid Extract

You could possibly discover acerola cherry extract by itself, however you are extra prone to discover it in extracts mixed with different herbs and components.

Global Healing’s Plant-Based Vitamin C comprises acerola cherry, together with different super-high vitamin C sources like camu camu, Kakadu plum, and amla (Indian gooseberry). It additionally comprises natural plant essence mix — rosehip, candy orange, and lemon — in addition to Energized Trace Minerals™ to boost bioavailability.

Factors to Bear in mind

Whether or not you put it in a smoothie, sprinkle the powder over fruit, or drink it as a juice, acerola gained’t disappoint. Its antioxidants, flavonoids, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, nutritional vitamins, and minerals will make a distinction in your well being and well-being.

Wealthy in vitamin C content material, acerola has a wealth of antioxidant energy that helps maintain you youthful and strengthens the immune system. Acerola additionally offers a lift of common power, and helps your pores and skin, mind, and digestion.

As all the time, seek the advice of your healthcare supplier for any particular medical recommendation and be conscious that the vitamin C in acerola cherries is potent. How a lot is an excessive amount of? As for acerola, it’s sensible to observe the rules for vitamin C supplementation. Typically, observe the dosage instructions on the label of the product. An effective way to attempt acerola is in a uncooked extract, like Plant-Based Vitamin C.

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†Outcomes might range. Data and statements made are for schooling functions and usually are not supposed to interchange the recommendation of your physician. When you have a extreme medical situation or well being concern, see your doctor.